Andrés Mariani was born in 1970 in Argentina. He lives and works in Barcelona.

In his home country he has been one of the artists with Editorial Profile, producing campaign work for Coca-Cola and Quilmes.

The key to the vast acceptance of of his brand lies in the application of different formats of art to the client needs, whether this is a large sports club, company, institution or individual.

In his current job “Inspirational Cities”, Mariani explores the city as inspiration for life. The point where causes and consequences meet. A great reflection of the work of  man and the result of this. The estate becomes a crossing, connecting people, brands and symbols. A concept that defines the feeling and expression of its people.

The artist is immersed in the direct conversation, clear and sincere with the city of Barcelona. He defines it, draws it, reveals it and breaks it down to its foundations. Human activity sculpts the physiognomy of the city and links it to their brands and symbols that the city adopts as its own.

A proposed image that stirs sensibilities, values, feelings, inspirations and references from the selected sites.

Vision: Forms, Images, contents, identity, are dissolving references to give way to personal and intangible perceptions allowing mixed feelings, perceptions and interpretations of a standardized reality to emerge.


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