Assumpció Mateu was born in Gerona in 1952 and when she was seven her family moved to Barcelona. In 1970, she began her studies in the Sant Jordi School of Arts (Fine Arts) of Barcelona and at the same time studies graphic design at the Elisava School. She graduated in 1975. From 1979 she devoted herself to teaching painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi in the Central University of Barcelona In 1988 she was awarded her Doctorate in Fine Arts by the Central University of Barcelona, on presenting her thesis ‘Perception, colour and thought’. That year she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to painting. The same year was published the book ‘La veu del foc’ (The voice of fire) written by M.Mercè Roca and inspired on the artist and her work.(Ámbit Serveis Editorials n.2.). In 2005 Glòria Bosch wrote ‘A. Mateu: La mirada del espacio interior’ (‘Assumpció Mateu: Looking at Inner Space’), published by March Editor, n° 7, Art Land collection and presented at the Vilacasas Foundation and the Cultural Center ‘La Llacuna’ in Andorra. In 2006 the book is presented at the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Barcelona. In 2009 was published the ‘Presons íntimes’ (‘Intimate Prisons’) catalogue by Vilacasas Foundation, Espai Volart. In 2010 was published the book ‘La mirada poètica’ (The poetic look) by Atrium Artis Foundation written by Carles Martí and Glòria Bosch. In 2011 the La Rioja Würth Museum publishes ‘El bosque quemado’ (The burnt forest) the catalogue of the exhibition with the same name written by Kosme de Barañano.

Work in Foundations, Museums and Private Collections:
Vasarely Fondation Aix en Provence. France – Fundació Vilacasas, Can Framis,Barcelona. Spain – Julius Bauer Fondation Geneve. Switzerland – Institut d’estudis Catalans, Barcelona. Spain – Colecció Testimoni de La Caixa de Barcelona. Spain – Colecció d’Art de l’Avui, Barcelona. Spain. Colecció Fundació Caixa de Girona, Girona. Spain. Colección Merchbanc en Barcelona. Spain – Colección Fundación Banco de Sabadell – Colección Bodegas Torres Vilafranca. Spain – Colecció Creu Roja Barcelona. Spain – Museu d’Art de Girona. Spain – Colecció ParcArt, Cassà de la Selva, Girona. Spain – Colecció Amics de l’Unesco Barcelona. Spain – Colección Kalam, Madrid. Spain – Ulster Museum, Belfast. Northern Ireland – Saudi Oger Collection, Riyadh. Saudi Arabia – Collection Solidere, Beirut. Lebanon – Colección Bankpime, Barcelona. Spain – Colección Arte y Trabajo. Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales. Madrid. Spain – Colecció Museu MACBA, Barcelona. Spain – Colección Museo Würth La Rioja. Spain.

Her work is also present in private collections in Andorra, Switzerland, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, USA and Canada. At present she works in her studio in Jafre (Baix Emporda,Girona).


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