Budapest, 1993

I am Lili Szőke, a painter from Hungary. I completed my art and design studies at the Metropolitan University and graduated from graphic design in 2018 in Budapest. Next to my art activities I was student of Social Policy at Eötvös Loránd University.

The main topic of my paintings is the human face, with my artwork my goal is to present the diversity, beauty and variety of today’s people. I am primarily interested in the uniqueness hidden in everyday life.

For me the renewal and experimentation are also really important therefore I always want to try new techniques and find different ways for self-expression.

Occasionally my paintings are made with mixed techniques, for example acrylic, felt pen, makeup and nail polish too, but mostly with oil on canvas.

The model’s faces are made in a naturalistic way and the dresses follow plastic geometric or ornamental patterns. Consequently in my paintings space and time are meaningless, the different styles are mixed, and by this the message of my work is becoming eternal