Degree in Art History from the University of Murcia and Diploma in Piano from the Conservatory of Music of the same city. She has participated in various cultural activities, workshops and conferences on the creative process.

She found in collage her true and natural artistic expression. Inspired by the avant-garde and the world of design, she creates a very genuine plastic universe, where she reinvents and transforms realities.

It all starts from a need to reinterpret the world around her, the issues that motivate or concern her. And above all, the female world in all its facets. A very recurring theme with which she hopes that certain values will not be lost. A process of research, where the demand is on a par with the aesthetic beauty, which she is so passionate about. She does not understand her creations without this social and personal involvement. Her latest creations contain an intense philosophical and existential basis.

In her works, the taste of pure assemblage, far from the digital, confers a direct and emotional experience with the elements. Together with acrylic and methacrylates, she developed a mixed technique with an energetic and delicate style at the same time, characterized by the superposition of different textures.

She drinks from the “appropriationism” of vintage images, recycling, conceptual style and surrealism. An observant woman, incessant in her search for the intimate and suggestive image, or of that singular antiquity in second-hand markets, to which she transfers new identities. The objects found, other materials that usually appear in his works, acquire the value of authentic fetish symbols and provide a certain nostalgic air, which contrasts with the irony and the double meanings of his messages, which are prone to multiple readings.

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