Carmela Alvarado (Madrid, 1980)

With fury, color and abstraction, I seek to express my only truth, and squeeze out the mystery we see when we close our eyes.

Only through art, improvising and painting from the guts, am I able to untangle and crunch all the emotions, thoughts and experiences that roar inside me.

Howling, I unravel all that chaos and fear, releasing the anxiety of existing in a world that keeps getting more puzzling each day. A strange world that every so often also bursts with exorbitant and thunderous ecstasy.

Everything is terrifying and wonderful all at once.

I was born in Madrid, and I grew up drawing and painting, roaming the streets of big cities, drifting into the wild, getting soaked in music and constantly dreaming.

After a lot of experimentation, it was in London where I began showing my work and fully dedicating my life to art.

I’m currently based in Barcelona, and I continue to explore different ways of artistic expression.

In order to create, I wander through life and let myself be dazzled by people, characters and artists that burn with madness.

My work is not meant to be understood, but felt…