Charly is a screen printer. Barcelona 1993.
He discovered this practice at the age of 16, while still living in Barcelona where he had been for 10 years. The socio-cultural environment of his high school was quite distinctive from his underground and alternative aspirations, and Charly felt a need for detachment and independence, which led him to leave the city as soon as he graduated. He was ‘lucky’, he says with modesty, to enter the Beaux Arts in Toulouse. Charly then traveled to Latin America for a few months before obtaining his Master in Beaux Arts in 2016.
Today, Charly works in his screen printing workshop, Typon Noir, located in Rabastens,France. There, he performs projects, edits artists and leads workshops, partly responding to the value of sharing which is what drives him today in his work.
With four friends, he recently opened La Botiga del Amor in December 2020. A small store located in Rabastens to take their work out of the workshop and display it in a window. Every three months, they invite different artists and craftspersons of the region to exhibit their creations! ‘A small space for big encounters’

Artistic approach:
Even though he considers that critical thinking and questioning are essential to human development, Charly reproaches the philosophy of the beaux arts to be questioning everything in a system way. According to him, it is better to choose a point of view without pretending to hold the truth, even if it means being wrong, because it is by being wrong that we progress.
In his screenprints, Charly lets the imagination of each person wander and create their own interpretation, without wanting to be faithful to a precise theory.
He seeks to ‘create an optical illusion through the line’, that the observer gets lost inside and looks for the flaw in the repetition. He wishes to transport the observer into another universe and make them enter a state of contemplation.
Finally, like all initiatives undertaken by Charly since his adolescence, the value of sharing is inherent to his practice of screen printing. Beyond associative projects and collective workshops, Charly has a real attraction for collaborative works, where different artists gather their talents, resulting in a work that would not have been possible without the participation of each one of them.

QUOTE: Screen printing is really addictive. What caught my attention in the first instance was the fact of being able to print details super fast, but what is interesting is also all the hazards of screen printing as well as the bugs that can be found which offer us infinite ways. It is the work of a lifetime.

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