1988, Milazzo, Sicilia, Italia.

Daniele Lipari’s artworks represent the intrinsic bonding effect that derives from the invisible ties that compose, modify and unite us. Engravings whose subjects are born from freely drawn lines.

The creative process used by the artist stems from the need to combine the rhythmic effect of music with the visual component of the visual arts. The result is a dynamic balance between intuition and reason, abstraction and figuration.

The artist seeks to stimulate the viewer’s ability, by visualizing objects through his imaginative creativity and conveying the message that is the very theme of the exhibition.

“I consider art to be a holistic process that unites multiple realities and points of view, with the goal of nurturing the human spirit.

I invite you to enter through the door of invisible ties, my exhibition of engravings, poetry and thoughts, in the hope that it will help you find your way to dance. “