Joan Rovira began his studies at the Massana School in 1985. In a moment of discovery of new materials, the multidisciplinary artist is captivated by the sound of bamboo as he carves it, and from here, he begins to experiment with this material.

His initial creations with bamboo are sewing needles. Moreover, Joan Rovira’s artistic activity is mainly focused on handmade jewelry. What he doesn’t imagine is that someone will contact him inquiring about large bamboo figures they have seen on the website. This confusion, resulting from forgetting to add the measurements of the needles to the online store, sparks in the artist the desire to go beyond jewelry and start experimenting with sculptures, lamps, and other artworks using a material that fascinated him from the first contact.

Currently, Joan Rovira is in charge of harvesting bamboo (Phyllostachys Àurea and Phyllostachys Pubescens) in different areas of Catalonia. In fact, the closest nature has always been his main source of inspiration, the starting point to create universes where shadows, colors, and textures establish a dialogue with the human being.