The Barcelona artist Konair is one of the most recognized street artists in the national scene thanks to his iconic bitten ice lollies.

Konair (Onergizer Konair Koler), with his 27 years has been spreading his work around the world for almost 15 years when he did not yet know very well what was the meaning of street art or perhaps even art itself. He has been forging his peculiar conception of the same by painting first in the streets of the city of Barcelona, then in Europe and recently in America meanwhile he would interact with a huge number of artists during his travels. Now street art allows him to claim the freedom of public space. It is for him an escape valve and a way of feeling alive in such a diverse, morbid and controversial scenario.

He’s particular and iconic bitten ice lolly – or the bite itself – has been transformed and sometimes synthesized in icon of the international culture or in other diverse forms with influences of pop art, surrealism, graffiti or simply what inspires him from life.
He has painted with prestigious artists in the world of street art and graffiti like El Pez, El Xupet Negre, Birdie or Kamil Escruela, has exhibited quite successfully in galleries and has attracted the attention of the national and international media in a multitude of occasions.


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