Tuike Souza is the artistic name of Arthur Henrique Souza, a Brazilian-Italian painter who has found in Barcelona the ideal place to develop his artistic production.

Interested in Street-art, architecture, minimalism and pop art, his works are a mixture of so many different influences as much as his cultural background is. Colour, shape and line are for Tuike the essential basis in which he follows his line work; his paintings, which are result of a gentle colour and shape synthesis, draw the human figure and pure lines in the two-dimensional space.

The study of colour, basis of Tuike’s works, makes every used tonality in his paintings unique, because, to get the desired one, the artist makes an artisanal preparation in which he mixes different acrylic colours to achieve the exact tone in this works. From grey tonalities, to orange, green and fuchsia, the work of Tuike Souza is filled with a vibrant joy for life represented through colour and line.


Art Gallery Barcelona