Yoshihito Suzuki is a Tokyo born Barcelona based artist and his main project is getting contradictory concepts such as the artificial and the natural, sacred and profane, fragility and resilience, etc.
He is most interested in the relation between the human being and nature so he has tried to place himself in the middle of natural environments. Living two months on the top of Mt.Fuji in 2013 and in an Artist Residency in Flotstunga, Iceland in 2015 are two of the artist’s most treasured experiences in nature and they made him reaffirm its greatness and the importance of getting humanity and nature closer.

As for Yoshihito’s technique and style, he likes to mix different techniques and uses ready made figures. For example in the series “Fragile World”, he makes sculptures that have the shape of daily objects and draw organic patterns on them. These patterns are invented by the artist, with the inspiration taken from tiny plants like moss and lichen (therefore he named them Mosschen). The resemblance to classic oriental ceramics with Kintsugi effect is intended to show the possibilities of both being able to be broken and being able to be repaired.

Also transforming everyday objects (especially dumped or non reusable ones) into something more valuable giving them the sense of new life, the artist wants spectators to feel that there are small traces of nature and something sacred lying around closer than they would expect, and being aware of this may be the first step to solve environmental problems.