04/07/2024 - 04/08/2024


Seppe beings

The term “steppe” is related to semi-desert, inhospitable territories with extreme climate. The exhibition is based on the notion of uninhabitability and helplessness, inspired by the novel “Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse, where the protagonist is torn between his humanity and his rootlessness. Ángel León’s works address themes such as discomfort, loneliness and the difficulty of adaptation, reflecting his relationship with the world.

Formally, the artist mainly uses drawing and monochrome, which allows him to capture ideas and convey a melancholic look. Place color details to highlight certain elements. His work is an expression of his concerns and life experiences, influenced by his status as an emigrated Cuban artist. Recurring themes include the house as a symbol of origin, the female figure as refuge, and the exploration of the relationship between reality and fiction.

The exhibition also presents visual contrasts, as in “Amalia and I”, where the tenderness of a hug is confronted with the ferocity of an animal. In summary, the exhibition seeks to share the author’s visual universe and his reflections, with self-referential works that can resonate with other beings, regardless of their circumstances.


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