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Possible scene:
“We can all go to hell” … think the engineer, while Tanaka interviews him, even if it ensures that the radiation levels have declined and Ichiro family can go home.
Natsuki, the neighbor who does not believe it, prefer to keep her child in the basement. She said that all the hair on his dog fell and it’s not good.
“But Miss, the plant is under control. If you do not believe me, read the foreign press” said the engineer, as he departs from Kazuo, the fisherman, passing quickly beside him trying to control a ten-legged octopus he just fished.

The 47 Ronins
The legend says that 47 samurai were forced, according to the code of honor of the samurai become ronin (masterless samurai), because their feudal lord was forced to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting their master the judiciary as a government delegation. The ronin then imagined a plan to avenge their master by killing the officer and his family. After the murder, they fought for justice and were sentenced to seppuku too.

Abattoir (Madrid, 1978)
Abattoir: delicate word that speaks of blood, viscera and livestock, three concepts that summarize the work of an artist who speaks plainly, that modifies the body to merge animal and human in a single being. Because everything is manipulated and vulnerable, likely to be part of an anonymous everything; meat in its broadest sense.

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