Amor/miedo/otras mierdas – Alfonso Casas


07/08/2015 - 06/09/2015


“There are three platitudes that bring us together and separate us equally. Love, fear and these other pieces of crap, ultimately, build and define us. We can live in them, go through them without wanting to, enjoy them to the fullest, suffer from it, accept them and even try to ignore them.. We will always return again and again to these three cardinal-emotional points that juxtapose and split into a magic mirror which reflects us and portrays us.

With the exhibition “Amor / miedo / otras mierdas”, the artist represents the fundamental and essential principles of his work. The vital basics of an artistic universe through which he succeeds in involving us and integrating us. He shows these platitudes that make us stop and choose what to support.

The exhibition is at the same time an intervention and an appropriation of space. A playful exercise of visual poetry that transforms the room itself into a work of art.”


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