Andrzej Farfulowski – Broken Flowers


08/06/2017 - 02/07/2017


Appearances are deceiving. Remaining with the first impression is usually limited and unreliable, because we lose the nuances, everything that makes a person complex and interesting, everything that makes him authentic.

Broken Flowers, the first monograph by the artist Andrzej Farfulowski, is an immersive search for that authenticity. Through various portraits and self-portrait, Farfulowski continues with his exploration towards that beauty that transcends appearance and rests not only on the beautiful, but also in the contradictions that inhabit all of us.

Using only the light and the gesture, voluntarily deprives the subjects of ornamental elements or scenography, to focus on the expressive possibilities and the challenge of capturing the tangle of emotions and personal and psychological data that can contain the plastic expression of a person.

Avoiding the superfluous, the link that is generated in the process of translating into the artistic language something of the vital language of each individual and of his own.

“Broken Flowers’ is my first solo exhibition. Title is in reference to my models. Beautiful but with ‘scars’ …like Broken Flowers….”

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