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08/08/2019 - 08/09/2019


Antonio de Felipe (Valencia, 1965)

Pop artist in the broadest sense, Antonio lives and works in Madrid. He worked for many years as a creative in an advertising agency, which undoubtedly marked his pictorial style and the way of transmitting impressive messages in his work.

In his more than twenty years of experience he has made more than seventy individual exhibitions, both in Spain and abroad, and many other collective ones, such as Casa de Vacas and the Seiquer Gallery in Madrid; María José Castellví Gallery, and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, the Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity (MUVIM) and the Museum of the City in Valencia; the Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa Foundation (BBK), the Levy galleries of Hamburg, Therminus of Munich, Andipa of London, Salvador of Paris, GKM of Sweden, FMR (Franco Maria Ricci) of Rome, at the Soma Museum, or the Lee Gallery in Seoul, among others.

He has made incursions in other creative fields that go from cinema to the press, collaborating for example with Pedro Almodóvar in the movie “Carne Trémula”, or creating continuity curtains for Telemadrid; designing dishes for the Santa Clara firm, posters and album covers, or collaborating with important publications such as ByN Dominical, El País, El Mundo Magazine, Marie Claire, ELLE, Qué leer, and Rolling Stone magazine.

He is in the most important collections, public and private, such as the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), the Sydney Besthoff Foundation in New Orleans, the Col-lecció Testimoni of the La Caixa Foundation, the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemizsa Collection, the Kneip Art Collection in Luxembourg, and the Montblanc Cultural Foundation.

He is undoubtedly the Spanish Pop painter of international reference, being the only Spanish representative in the exhibition on Marilyn Monroe “Life as a legend”, which has toured cities like London, Istanbul, Madrid, Lisbon, Helsinki, Chicago, and Dallas.

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