Apotropaion – Santo


11/12/2014 - 11/01/2015


ARTEVISTAS Gallery celebrates its seventh anniversary with the new collection of the Barcelona artist Santo.
The title of the exhibition, Apotropaion, is a Greek term that refers to an amulet to drive away fear for something in particular or against “evil spirits.”

To create his works, Santo is inspired by metaphysics, the immaterial and tiny dust particles that transforms into an infinity of expanding galaxies.

His works represents the feeling of love and emotional pain, faith and the power of the mind that transform things. This collection is based on metaphysics, intangible in opposition to the material: Santo tries to materialize the abstract, invisible. He paints what he feels, is planning in his works the effects caused by apotropaion.

The artist created this collection in the country away from the city, physically and socially isolated, he was able to think about the superfluous and what is really important. He thus expressed his emotions through the elements that nature could offer.

The artist has replaced the canvas by other materials such as wood and cardboard, he used natural lands, cement, minerals and pieces of objects. The result is a set of bright and intense work. Some are encased in wooden boxes and others are expanding.

Santo was able to instinctively and accurately show what he sees when he does not see physically: contemporary sets of emotions.

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