BL2A – Un horizonte


14/03/2019 - 13/04/2019


BL2A – Un horizonte
© @delphinegidoinphotography

In this exhibition BL2A presents a line that apparently separates the sky and the earth. A horizon with which he has achieved that all the works complement each other and that no one loses strength separately. Working in this exhibition as if it was a single piece, turns us into visitors of a particular world that literally surrounds us.

The artist reviews his evolution getting some of the characters he created for the street coexist in situations as unique and different one from each other.

In his tireless and almost obsessive way of portraying people he usually does not know, he explains that what really matters is not who he paints or draws but how he does it. In this way he achieves that apparently normal faces acquire very different forms, that interacting between them and their environment, acquire a multitude of different meanings.

The artist is convinced that the author should never be more important than his own work and that is the main reason why he prefers to stay in certain anonymity.

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