Cesar Biojo – Still


31/05/2018 - 24/06/2018


Artevistas gallery is pleased to share with you the most recent works of Cesar Biojo. In the exhibition ” Still ” the artist keeps on wondering about the equilibrium and coexistence of the two opposite forces that characterize his work, creation and destruction. Even though the element of time keeps on being the main protagonist of his work, a new element appears in his narrative; stillness it self has boggled the artists in the past year as a result of an intense new habit of meditation. This new work takes a slight turn when trying to capture and narrate the stillness necessary to achieve a full state of meditation. Through his accidented process of painting the artist tries in vain, (as he puts it) to symbolize his own personal struggles to meditate in a futile effort to find the perfect equilibrium between doing and not doing. “Still” is more of a question rather than an answer to the personal wanderings of his own process as a painter and a human being.

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