Corentin Huon de Penanster – Icônes


17/01/2024 - 18/02/2024


Corentin Huon de Penanster, a Breton living in Barcelona, describes himself as a model, writer, and visual artist. In his work “Icons”, he presents a variety of female profiles with marked personalities.

Each woman sculpted by Corentin de Penanster becomes an icon representative of international culture. They proudly embody the socio-cultural values of their respective countries, whether as singers, actresses, artists, coquettes or leaders. Decorated with attributes and surrounded by symbolic objects, these figures assert with elegance and determination their identity shaped from their birth. These sculptures become inspiring nationalist symbols, projecting Corentin’s vision through his words borrowed from paper, thus reinventing these figures in a new light.

Collages made in the form of a colorful figurative composition using cutouts from magazines, newspapers and any other paper support. Each work is then scanned in high definition, cropped and printed on forex plates.

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