Déjà vu – Matt Sesow & Dana Ellyn


02/07/2015 - 02/08/2015


Matt Sesow and Dana Ellyn are married artists from Washington, DC and will be attending the opening of their exhibition “Déjà vu” at Artevistas Gallery in Barcelona. The exhibit will feature several recent paintings created from their studios in America as well as a series of work created here in Barcelona especially for the show. They have been showing with the gallery since 2009.

The paintings of Matt Sesow and Dana Ellyn evoke the feeling of “Déjà vu”. Thousands of their paintings have been collected by fans of their art over the past 21 years. Their stylings have a consistency and recognizable characteristic in both theme and execution.

Matt Sesow is known for his sharp lines, bold colors, and abundantly energetic execution of thought and emotion. Sesow smashes the paint onto his canvas in a unique way that has made him one of the most recognizable members of the Outsider/Expressionist art movement.

2’s paintings are often a “weighty tome” exposing the truths that lie behind the public perception of popular topics. Her paintings rally the viewer behind a range of political truths and bring to light the need for us all to be more conscious about our food choices

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