Dimensions – Pol Ballonga


06/02/2020 - 08/03/2020


Pol Ballonga uses the human figure in his artworks as it allows him to better transmit emotions and make them more palpable and readable. Every artwork is a bridge that connects the intangible world of ideas with the tangible world of the material. Pol Ballonga manages to give form and volume to feelings, by modeling them.

Carving without a fixed idea, getting carried away by the artistic process to find later a concept, analyzing the symbolism of each piece of work, once finished. His creations are not limited, as he does not want to close the artworks under a specific concept, he wants it to be subjective, to be completed by the viewer feeling reflected with the emotions transmitted by the work. With these symbolic and three-dimensional bodies, the artist wants to create a continuous reflection on ourselves, our consciences and emotions.

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