Eric Goraieb – Beyond the lines


28/09/2018 - 21/10/2018


« Beyond the Lines» the works of artist Eric Goraieb, who lives in Lisboa and spent 3 years in Barcelona (2014- 2017) after almost a decade in China.

In China his work has been exhibited at Stir Gallery in Shanghai.

All the works which are part of this exhibition have been created in Shanghai, Avignon, Barcelona and Lisbon. The works have been inspired by these places and shaped by almost instantaneous emotions “of slices of life” related to emotional and social experience of the moment.

These painted and repainted collages by deletion, addition and overlapping not only testify to an approach and a personal style but also to introspection in perpetual questioning. The work translates the complex relationship between deep emotions and almost instant reactions to the outside world.

Stains, alterations and pictorial inscriptions give consistency and a very particular intensity to the compositions. The carton board takes another dimension as it becomes an integral part of the composition. It merges with fluid and nervous dabs that intermix in reaction to mood and experience at a given moment in time. The shape becomes texture and inversely until the composition emerges (intentionally or not) inspired by the artist mood. The work is the synthesis of this process.

Ultimately this pictorial dialogue between intrinsic emotion and questioning of society is only a constant renewal whenever each work becomes reality.

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