Ignacio Povedano – Frikismos y otras rarezas


18/12/2021 - 06/01/2022


Presents the exhibition “Frikis and other oddities” at the Artevistas Gallery on Carrer 26 in Barcelona, an exhibition that builds parallels of the Freak world of the 21st century by taking inspiration from Instagram and creates an analogy with the underground characters of the Vitorian circuses of the XIXème siècle.

An exhibition project created by the author under the slogan “counterculture in pandemic”
since the protagonists who appear in their portraits have been part of the life of the author during the state of alarm.
In short, being locked up has made us much more open to the world and has led us to meet and appreciate other lives, and characters who have accompanied us very closely thanks to technology.

The 27 acrylic works represent an analogy between its most unknown protagonists of today such as: La Mónica del Raval, El puto chino queer, Miss Beige or the Woolman family, etc… and as: the woman eats fire, the ventriloquist, the strong man or the Siamese sisters.

The author invites us to reflect on the parallelism of digital and analog counterculture, Instagram versus the circus. A poetic look where the protagonists, despite centuries of difference, do not change, only the media change.

Ignacio Povedano’s imaginary inspired by the underground world and pop surrealism with punk nuances presents this selection of caprices, characters and emotional situations gathered in a set of 16 acrylic works.



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