Just Some Artworks – Cane


15/06/2015 - 28/07/2015


With his new exhibition, « Just Some Artworks », Cane wants to present to the public the evolution of his work which came as the result of his experimentation during the last year.

The importance of the narrative, very present in his previous exhibitions, is now pushed into the background, in order to pay all the attention to the artworks, as each of them is conceived as an independent work of art.

This imaginary world, full of paradoxes and contradictions playing with each other, takes the viewer into a surrealistic universe where the rules of the common sense are unknown. In fact, we are entering into Cane’s logic, where some other order, even absurd, is possible.
The reactions oscillate between laugh and disgust.

Suddenly, Cane has changed the support, the format and the technique of his artworks. Moreover, in the big acrylic paintings, the artist has put a new component in the composition: a main scene, in which occurs the action, and the scenario. The result are the artworks with higher quality regarding the technique and the accomplishment, whose recurrent themes are shown in the way that allows more direct reading of the artwork.

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