What keeps mankind alive? Ana Ciscar


10/09/2015 - 04/10/2015


The beauty of the grotesque and the turmoil of the human being. The painting as a window on a world where reigns a poetry of anxiety, where the doubts appear. What is hidden is paradoxically the closest to the truth.

What keeps mankind alive? is meant to be an artistic project which is related, from a plastic point of view, to the depiction of violence based on an iconography which refers to cinema, literature and music; and which enables, in its turn, a reflection on the ambiguity of the human condition through the pictorial and photographical image.

According to John Berger’s words, “only what is able to narrate can make us understand”, Ana Císcar’s narrative gives life to the image through symbols and metaphors and takes the viewer to a new reality filled with mysteries, suggesting new question.

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