10/10/2019 - 10/11/2019


Martí Roca Balcells (Barcelona, ​​1994)

Graduated as a graphic designer at the BAU University, he combines this profession with that of a painter. Both activities complement each other: the design as conceptual attitude and painting as a more free and intuitive process. He is currently working at the design studio La Casa de Carlota, in the creative process where professionals, students and artists with Down syndrome and autism collaborate.

Martí’s work fuses faces, bodies, plants and organic forms, exploring the human figure through the stain by means of brushstrokes. Raw and flat, he is creating a dialogue between wild and rational, a naïve and expressionist game that flees from aesthetic conventionalism.


L’Altre (the other), the first individual exhibition by Martí Roca, shows new works created by the artist in recent months, is a world full of figures. They embody the textures, colors and energy of nature. Maybe everything happens elsewhere, at another time, in another culture, at another pace. A pictorial world in which the other’s look – the one that is looking at us – finds ourselves free from prejudices, like the eyes of an animal. Thus, tacitly, through the artistic resource of the gaze, the “I” dilutes when realizing that the Other is “the diversity”.

In addition, the artist adds another narrative level upon entering exposure of augmented reality through Instagram filters. In this way, the viewer can become one of the creatures of the works by becoming the Other. And the painting finds a meeting point with the new visual languages.


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