Mariko Kumon – Línea íntima


08/03/2018 - 01/04/2018


The “intimate line” starts from two clear ideas: the line (as a mathematical element) and the intimacy (as a suggestive condition), but without any apparent relationship. That is why to make the line something intimate seems nonsense, but for Mariko Kumon, this line transmuted into wire is the personal representation of her ideas and thoughts. A line that, curving, twists and undulates, goes to find its own space from the inside.

“Just as spiders produce a thread to make a network and silkworms weave their cocoon, I produce my work from the inside to the outside. Through the recovery of my memories and my feelings. ”

Mariko’s lines are also intertwined with organic materials and elements of nature, whose suggestive power transmits us moods, thus building a personal language in which oppositions fit. The iron bends and becomes malleable, the paper hardens and becomes resistant … and what was inside pours out.

“At first, I only expressed my idea with discretion, but one day, I discovered that there are people who fully understand my intention.” From that moment, I was enthusiastic about creating a dialogue through which I could convey who I am and how I feel.

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