Miguel Leal


02/02/2012 - 04/03/2012


A new-generation artist, Miguel Leal (Seville, 1984) will perform his first individual exhibit in the Artevistas Art Gallery on February 2nd: Desencuentros.

With about fifty works in acrylics, charcoals, pencil and marker designed during the last few months, the exhibit is characterized by the emphasis the artist has put on his personal evolution, in particular with regard to his creative process, making use of novel techniques and formats.

For this exhibit, Miguel Leal decided to bare his soul and expose “disagreements” (what has not been, what is not and what may not be) starting from a process of personal discovery that does not aim at uncovering frustrations, but to reveal the positivism of personal growth.

The artist “loses control” and is carried away by expressive freedom in a therapeutic process of creation. His language is not the verb, but painting: Leal converses with fabric, with paper, through wild lines that distort bodies. Figures that the artist’s mind initially conceives as recognizable, but that he slowly deforms to turn them into allegories.

Miguel Leal investigates disagreements: his creative process culminates in the pictorial interpretation of a feeling or, rather, of a personal perception of an event. Paradoxically, his works reveal to us the value of agreements.

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