Rose Madone
Mujer 2.0


08/02/2018 - 04/03/2018


Who knows the work of Rose Madone will not be able to deny the energy that it transmits, and overflows in each of her pieces. Impulsive and spontaneous work, in which the emotions are turned upside down.

Like a kind of diary, each new piece reflects the sensations that invade her on a daily basis: anguish and anger, love and reconciliation, freedom and dreams. A personal and intimate expression of these sensations that we all know and feel.

Like the contradictions themselves, the white and the black oppose and complement each other in all her work, as a metaphor for the violence of all these passions with which we live. Beige seems to soften and de-dramatize the seemingly aggressive image, so that everything is balanced and chaos is ordered.

However, with this new series, Rose Madone takes a leap forward, the elements that have always accompanied her – knives, guns and roses – are now intermingled with new forms: bodies, masks and skulls. Enriching one’s own symbolic world introduces us to the next level of femininity that is the basis of her work and communicates her evolution. It’s the woman 2.0.


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