Sandra Partera – Amic Imaginari


14/11/2019 - 14/12/2019


How long would live an imaginary friend? As long as the child continues to believe in him ”- Matthew Dicks –

Sandra Partera shows us her new work, AMIC IMAGINARI [On t’has ficat!], (Imaginary friend – Where were you? A new chapter in her career, in which she recalls the imaginary Friend of a past childhood. He appears to us to play, make us dream, invent, help us understand better the world around us and believe that everything is possible in the imagination and from the illusion. If the imaginary Friend exists, it is because creatures firmly believe in him. In their world, they enjoy the freedom to invent and create whatever they want around them. Under this idea, Sandra awakens AMIC IMAGINARI from the forgotten memory and next to him, amplifies the concept of Imaginary as a game and creative dialogue. Large and medium format paintings, with titles that refer to Joan Colomo’s songs, open a new universe, to once again believe that everything can be.

“What it is is not if you don’t see it if you don’t believe in it.
And things are like that or maybe they are not without you, maybe nothing exists if you are not with me. ”
– Joan Colomo –

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