Sandra Partera – Els Ángels riuen

Sandra Partera


30/09/2021 - 31/10/2021


Els Àngels riuen (The Angels laugh), are a troop of rebellious creatures. Little great geniuses, loaded with a big dose of good Fury, which allows them to resist the Saudade. Some say that Memory is dying, stupid. Others like to be in their Home, refuge, even if sometimes they would also like to flee it. There’s one who thinks he’s a Stray Bullet. There are those who, after falling, stick their horns out, bar their teeth and laugh. Some may even feel like The masters of the Universe. The oldest of all, does not want us to forget, that you, Are a beast! And even though the world seems to be getting Very Mad, we will always, always have the antidote, Humor.



Photos @lagrau_photo


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