SM172 & MUGRAFF 2016-2020


12/03/2020 - 28/06/2020


There are moments of catharsis in the trajectory of each artist and for Cesar Baetulo, alias SM 172, possibly this moment has been the encounter with the walls of Barcelona, through which he has managed to capture and express the most intimate spirit of the city.

With surprising and rich iconography, the artist runs through a vocabulary of images as familiar as the streets they inhabit. It is a heterogeneous and colorful universe that is nourished by a vast range of influences, from cinema and comics, through pop art and poster art, to Velázquez and the Greco-Roman divinities.

SM 172, through an operation of recovery and appropriation, searches the collective memory for any visual element that allows him to express the concern and breath of our time. The artist mixes art history with popular everyday icons, playing with our knowledge and altering our beliefs, democratizing the elitist and consecrating the trivial. His irreverence leads us where Street art has accomplished its little miracle, bringing art to the streets and bringing the streets within the walls of the galleries.

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