Testa – Peta


06/04/2015 - 17/05/2015


To Fold up, Drop off, Shorten, Break, Simplify, Split up, Cut out, Mix, Splash, Spill, Engrave, Burn, Roll, Hook Up, Spread, Hang, Hold out, Attach, Disperse, Order, Release, Saturate, Lock up, Surround, Hide, Cover, Coagulate, Tie, Dilate, Dilute, Enlighten, Force, Speak.

The young artist Peta Rodriguez presents his new collection, in which he continues with his minimalist style and very poetic at the same time. His paintings evoke feelings, they surprise us by their visual simplicity and conceptual complexity.

The Artevistas Gallery presents for the third time Peta Rodriguez’s artwork: the numerous techniques reveal minimalist and powerful pictures, in which he emphasizes the colour of the wood, used as a support.

Peta Rodríguez exhibits at the Artevistas Gallery since 2009. The exhibition Testa is his third exhibition at Artevistas, after “Xilófagos” in 2011 and “Home, suite home” in 2010.

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