Xavi Mira – Causación


04/05/2023 - 04/06/2023


“Causación” (Causality): relationship that is established between the cause and the effect, by which it is assumed that, if the cause is present, the effect will follow with certainty.

“I see art every time I look, every time I think… I represent in my paintings the sensations that surprise me at first sight.”

In this exhibition emotions, coincidences and dreams are explored, which in their combination create a unique and impressive visual experience.

Xavi Mira sought to capture the essence of dreams in the surreal and fantastical world. Explore the limits of creativity with symbols and metaphors.

Each work is the result of a series of decisions made by the artist, but is also influenced by external factors beyond his control. Some works feature lines and shapes that seem to have arisen by accident, while others explore the complexity of the human unconscious, immersing the viewer in imaginary worlds.

“Causación” features a variety of themes that reflect the diversity of human experience and the beauty that can come from the unexpected.



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