Álvaro Gómez-Pantoja (1996)

Artistic creation has been a way of expression and communication since I can remember. Art answers my existential questions and raises others that I want to resolve. I feel deeply related to the European expressionism of the 20th century, I try to continue its legacy, which can tell us so much about our society today. I pay attention to human emotions, especially those that we experience with shame because are hard to admit. Loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety or nonconformity are some of the recurring expressions of my characters. They help me describe and understand what society is like and what role I play in it.

In the search for a representation of human feeling without prejudices, without lies or complexes, I find a deep love for shapes, color and composition. Trying to create an honest work with the public and with myself that honors the beauty of art and nature. Art has become my life and I don’t think I can leave it.