Javier De Cea’s mixed media works combine paint, marker, and pencil in compositions that serve as instinctive and visual explorations. By creating lines and splashes of pigment on each canvas, De Cea draws as if writing, suggesting a world of abstract shape and color. His lively compositions capture the chaos of modern life with texture and variety. Some of De Cea’s canvases pulse with warm reds, oranges, and yellows, while others take on cooler colors or exist as black and white examinations of line and form. Triptychs and diptychs divide and balance the material within the spontaneity of each work and highlight the unanticipated repetition in such man-made tumult. In many works the solid white, black, or tinted backdrop teems with subtle variation. This texture adds another layer of interest to each heavily weighted composition, often comprised primarily of negative space.

The Chilean artist Javier De Cea works from Chile and Barcelona and has a background in architecture and fine arts. His areas of knowledge and his personal observations impact his work.


Art Gallery Barcelona