JEAN-MARC HILD (Mulhouse 1956) began his training as a ceramist, passionate about the calculation of enamels, mastery of forms and colors. This departure led him to sculpture, where he produced works in enamelled ceramics, but especially in marble (in Carrara, Italy) and in bronze. He developed this creative phase in Alsace, Switzerland, Italy and in the United States. On the other hand, his transit at the Academy “Mukha” (the current National Academy of Art and Industry Stiglietz) of St. Petersburg, pushed him to the work with mosaic.

Nevertheless, this experiment and the search for nuances and transparencies combined with matter and volumes find their best expression in painting, which Jean-Marc Hild has never stopped cultivating and to which he has devoted himself more exclusively in recent years. He explores with particular sensitivity the fluidity of water and sky, the aquatic and ethereal waves, the light, the condensations and the nebulae from which arise and flare, where gravitate, vague indices of life.

This exploration gave rise to cosmic-aquatic landscapes, such as those of its Hundun-Space wave series. Hundun is the Chinese name of the original chaos conceived as the constant state of the nebula-aquatic flow of the universe before the separation of the elements. An outbreak emerging in contact with subtle, warm and fertile light-in its dawn landscapes, like those of its Indian Summer series.


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