Laura Erviti is a contemporary surrealist painter and muralist from Barcelona, who seamlessly blends the imagery of her dreams with environmental artivism.
Her deep
connection to the subconscious mind has led to a blend of the real and surreal, she uses the language of her dreams to compose the visual narrative in her paintings, using symbols and metaphors. Sensations and emotions unfold organically in her compositions, merging dreams, environmentalism, and activism.

Aesthetically, her paintings merge different layers, perspectives, gradients of colour and edges. Unifying them all in one image creates the effect of a broken or multiplied reality. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, she left for Berlin, where she studied for a Master in Arts, and moved to Bristol and London, where she studied for an MA in Fine Arts in the Central Saint Martins. She participated in many exhibitions in Bristol, London and the UK, where she has also taken part in numerous Street Art events and Mural Festivals.

As a child of psychoanalyst parents, Laura grew up surrounded by conversations about the human psyche, which sparked her interest in exploring the world of dreams. She writes them down in dream notebooks, where she uncovers the hidden parts of the human psyche, from joy and wonder to fear and unease.

Her Murals are painted with carbon-absorbing eco paint, and her canvases are painted with natural handmade oil paint that she makes herself, going back to the Old Masters techniques. She is an active researcher for sustainable alternatives to all the materials necessary for her creative process, aiming to achieve a zero-waste creative practice.