Tempe Hernandez, Argentina 1978.
Visual Artist / Musician

Tempe studied visual arts at the IUNA (National University Institute of Arts) and painting with the artist Burone Risso (2005-2006 Bs.As). Worked and trained as an assistant of the sculptor Osvaldo Decastelli (2005 – 2007).

He graduated in jazz performance and popular Latin American music by the Technological Institute of contemporary music (1998) in Buenos Aires and went on to study double bass with master double bassists Horacio Fumero and Javier Colina in Barcelona (2000-2004). In 2019 he received a master’s degree in Sound Art at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The work
In the center of a city where there are thousands of people walking, buses and cars playing horns, the sound and visual landscape is made up of endless sounds and images that overlap and mask each other. The sounds we hear, like the images we see on billboards or graffiti on the street, they carry information that the brain processed to a greater or lesser extent depending on the attention given to them. Images and sounds are presented to us in layers that mask each other, his paintings try to unmask; Isolated events from endless information that reaches us and breaks through us.
In the work Politik-Tok he took an image of an advertisement of the public road of the city of Berlin and use it as a leitmotif in the series. The image is an anonymous politician that does allusion to the political caste that governs us. Political figures with speeches that resemble more a tik-tok performance without content, than a meaningful speech.