Frank Diamond: Lerida 1990

Frank Diamond is an artistic photographer specialized in photomontage, at 21 years of age he started in fashion photography, going through self-portrait and finally photomontage. Frank’s photography particularity is his pictorial photo style and the dim and mysterious atmosphere that is perceived in his works. He defines his work as a “visual diary” where he recounts his negative experiences and tries to find a way to heal or overcome his fears through photography. He normally works with female profiles and on many occasions he hides their faces, he even uses masks, Frank defines this visual concept as “photography without identity”, a way of reaching the viewer using introspection as an exercise. The locations where the stories he tells in his photographs take place are usually forests and abandoned places where the passage of time is poetry for him. The most important thing in his photographs is natural light, he ensures that the best scenery is provided by nature itself.