María Cuéllar (1996, Barcelona, ​​Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist who express herself through oil painting, sculpture, photography and contemporary dance – performance.

Formal education in Classical Dance at the IESA Institut del Teatre, Barcelona. And a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at UB University of Barcelona.

Her work is considered to be a hybrid between her personal experiences and expression. Challenging the limits of how we as humans perceive our identity, confronting what could fit or not under the social contract. Each of her compositions is a unique alternative to reality. Cuéllar´s paintings emerge from act of improvisation and follow by intuitive movements. As a sensorial response throughout the use of space and color; she captures and transmits emotions, thoughts, and corporal sensations into her narratives.

As a whole the main connotation is human relations. She freely exposes her needs and desires as a way to manifest and to induce a different perspective to the viewer. In her own words she defines oil painting as a container, which retains identities, experiences and the way of relating to the world.