Mireia Cifuentes was born in La Seu d’Urgell, in the province of Lleida (Spain), in 1966. She spent part of her life in Marbella, southern Spain, and traveled around Europe and Asia until she settled down in Barcelona to start her artistic career at Escola d’Art Sanvisens (Art School).

Her first few years of learning were devoted to human portrait. She attended the Artistic Circle of Sant Lluc, where she was awarded the top category of the Young Painters Awards and a runner-up prize at the 24th Drawing Awards. While she attended lessons by well-known Spanish painters such as Gloria Muñoz and Teresa Llacer, she completed her studies with sculpture techniques at the Art and Skills School. She was selected by the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia for her first individual exhibition at art gallery Lola Anglada.

 After a few years of figurative work  she focuses mostly on abstract painting and the discovery of new techniques to enrich her work. Always curious and enthusiastic, Mireia keeps exploring life through art. 


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