Akore is considered one of the most active and well-known street artist in Barcelona
today. He has participated in many solo and collective exhibitions, events and projects
His artwork has been published in National Geographic, Greenpeace, MTV, El Periódico
de Catalunya, La Vanguardia, among many others. He has been featured in the
documentary series about art ‘This is Art’ (TV3 / Movistar+), broadcasted in more than
50 countries around the world.
He is well known in the street art scene for his colorful, powerful and expressive Afro
graffitis. His unique style is set around post-graffiti. It has been defined as
primitive, tribal, abstract, hip funk, electroafropunk, and has been named ‘Afrocolor’.
His portraits and paintings of African tribal women echo the soul of Mother Africa, with
whom he has always felt spiritually connected.
His work is clearly influenced by urban culture, Hip-Hop, the African American
movements and culture, by the African Aesthetics, Pop Art and graphic design.


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