António Azevedo – 1966, Lisbon, Portugal

From a very early age, he developed his curiosity for artistic expression through experiences in various areas: fashion accessories, ceramic painting projects and the reuse of materials in the design of decorative articles.

In 2010 he participated in the exhibition “Destination Portugal” at MoMA in New York and Tokyo, with the project “Montaditos” – jewelry of lego.

His passion for opera and scenic spaces leads him to conceive the project “Once upon a time …”. Creates scenarios and stories, presents characters, provokes those who see them. It proposes a dialogue between the object and the observer, allowing each one, in his time and to his measure, to always construct a new history.

Living in Barcelona for professional reasons since 2014, it also allows this city to inspire him. The architecture, the inhabitants and the graphic arts are always mottos for the beginning of another once upon a time …


Art Gallery Barcelona