Convinced that the street is the most free and democratic space to exhibit, the urban artist BL2A begins to show his work shaping his works in tiles that he rescues from the urban debris to fix them later back in the streets. And although the artist has evolved and experimented with other supports, the origin of the name with which he signs is the result of this initial support (BL2A = Baldosa = Tile).
Born in Figueres in 1985, he currently lives and works in the walls of the city of Barcelona.
BL2A manages to turn their imaginary faces into a multitude of elements that, combined with everyday objects, allow them to acquire singular meanings totally different from those we might initially expect from a portrait.
The artist firmly believes that the author should not be more important than his work and that is the main reason why he prefers to remain in a certain anonymity.



Permanent artist in Art Gallery Barcelona