Neon Sandwich’s work is deeply influenced by Taoism and incorporates elements of Buddhism. He explores various concepts within Taoism such as the interplay of opposites, the balance between action and inaction, usefulness and uselessness, masculinity and femininity, and internal and external perspectives. The artist has studied under the renowned Taoist master Wang Xue Zhi for eight years and has been a dedicated Taoist practitioner for 25 years.

Neon Sandwich, considers his background and relationship with his Chinese master as an integral part of his artistic process.

One significant theme in his work is the portrayal of Baby Buddha art, which symbolizes new energy, resilient harmony, and joyful power. He considers his art to be a cumulative representation of Taoism, capturing its essence through mass media imagery.

Another series in his portfolio is the Lotus Series, exemplified by works like “Vader Lotus.” These pieces incorporate elements of pop culture and humor to convey the Yin and Yang concepts within Taoism. He aims to blend seriousness with comedy in these artworks, creating a unique and playful representation.

Overall, Neon Sanwich’s work is an exploration of Taoism and its intersection with his personal experiences and artistic process. Through his art, he seeks to capture the multifaceted nature of Taoist philosophy and present it in an engaging and thought-provoking manner.