Creative step:

My first collage was conceived when I was creating an invitation card for a special event from cutouts of fashion magazines. A sense of passion and joy took over me and I have been creating ever since. I delve into all sorts of themes, including travel, fashion and the sheer sublime – all that fascinates me and keeps me animated.

My inspired and gluttonous spirit gave birth to a collection that I exhibited last year in Paris – one of colourful silhouettes parading on the catwalk of fashion’s greatest designers.

This year, once again, couture prevails thanks to the mixture of textures and colors that inspired me! I dabbled with the eccentricities of hair and the destructuring of faces – my interests lying in diverting the primary function of items and exploring the multiple facettes of human behavior. How versatile are we really? Are we protecting ourselves or are we ignorant to our potential creativity?


Technical part:

Each collage creation is reproduced only twelve times, no matter the format. It’s numbered, signed, and printed out on a brushed aluminium plate, covered with bright PVC and includes a sash in the back to hang on a wall as the perfect finish.


Art Gallery Barcelona