We are a couple in love who have been making street art since 2014: recycled cans painted with positive messages. We claim, with love, a better world and we practice ephemeral art, eternal love.

Since our beginning we have done more than 600 interventions in the streets of Barcelona, Paris, London, Mallorca, Madrid, Girona and La Rioja. We want to humanize the city, brighten the passers-by’s hearts and make the Spectator smile.

Me Lata el Corazón is a wordplay between the can (lata), our material of expression, and the beating of the heart (verb later), feeling alive, the inner strength.

Some say that we are activists, others that we are messengers, some define us as romantics, or that we do creative recycling, there are even those who say that we are artists! … We are simply two lovers of life, nothing else. Simply Jakuna Melata

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